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    What is “E-Learning”? It refers to the Internet technologies for managing and delivering online education programs and training. Simply put, it is training on the web.

We have all gone through various levels of school and sat in a classroom. Most of classroom teaching occurs at a speed that is determined by the teacher or professor. The teacher speaks and the student listens to a very large degree. Did the student fully learn what they are being taught? The professor determines that afterwards through a test. The important fact is that the pace of the learning is not determined by the student.

E-Learning changes that learning model for the adult learner. Similar material is placed before the student. However, the information is presented on the screen one slide at a time. The student advances to the next screen at their own pace. The course is instructed through a voice on the screen so the information is available both visually and orally. The information is reinforced in both ways, because you both see it and hear it. You can turn off the audio if you choose. The learner now has the chance to learn the information at the pace they need. They control their learning not the teacher. Since different people learn and absorb information at different speeds, it is vital to have this control if you want full comprehension not just the activity of the classroom.
    There are some significant other key advantages in using the E-Learning courses at  Your Company University as a part of your total Learning Plan.  
    Reduction of your travel expenses - the distance learning courses are taken at your computer whether you 're at home, at work or on the road.  
    The course you choose is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week for one year. Take the course once and then take a refresher when you wish to
    review it again.
    All the courses are available now. They have been created by subject matter experts in their field. They have been reviewed by the best in the field
   so you can be confident that the information is current and useful.
    There is an extensive library of well over 2,000 on-line courses in subjects such as Management TrainingLeadership DevelopmentCommunicationsCustomer Service TrainingSafetyFinanceHuman ResourcesPerformance EvaluationsTeam BuildingStrategic PlanningSalesMarketingCoachingConflict ResolutionEthicsProject ManagementSoftware DevelopmentLegal ComplianceKnowledge Management tools, and Office Desktop Computer Skills.
   The array of courses allows you to learn one subject or study a series of subjects. Many of these subject areas
    also have simulations that give you practice in real-life situations you can face every day.
    You have the capability to test yourself and achieve a certificate of achievement at the end by passing the testing that is included.  
    Search the Course Library. It is conveniently laid out by subject. Once you have selected a course that seems appropriate, click on the course
    number to get a more detailed explanation of its objectives and exactly what you can expect to study.
    We have these courses available in 4 languages - English primarily - with many also available in French, Spanish and Korean as well.  
    You can do a Key Word Search to find the courses that most closely relate to the word you seek. You may have a sense of what you want to learn.
   By searching by your word you get access to all the courses that generally fit your criteria.
    You can do a Competency Search which allows you to search by the subject matter and match that subject competency to the proper course.
   You choose the behaviors and skills you want to enhance with the right courses to fit your need. There are three different competency models
   that you can choose to search. The main one is called the Universal Competency Tool(or UCT). This outlines 58 competencies and then
   catalogues the online courses that best match the competency you wish to learn. We have also provided two other ways to match competencies.
   One is through Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The other is a Human Resource Competency Model. Each matches
   available courses to their model of effectiveness.
    Once you have identified the online courses you want to take, you should move to Register for that course. You will be asked to go through a
   Shopping Cart to properly select and pay for the courses you want. Charge your online course to your favorite credit card and you can immediately
   begin your distance learning journey.
    .That will take you to the Learning Center where you can play and take the course you have chosen. Note that there are some very valuable
    Job Aids and Skill Briefs that are available to help you in your learning. Place them into your “Favorites” and review them whenever you wish.
    Return again the Learning Center if you desire by using your username and password to take the course over or to refresh your understanding
   of the subject. You have access to that online course for one year..
    It is all available, on-line, for you. Call 973-378-8456 or email us at with your questions or inquiries.  
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