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Business Skills Curricula
      Administrative Support Curricula
        • Advanced Skills for Administrative Support Professionals
        • The Effective Administrative Support Professional
      Business Law Curriculum
        • Fundamentals of Business Law
      Communication Curriculum
        • Anger Management in the Workplace
        • Assertive Communication
        •  Building Better Work Relationships
        • Business Etiquette and Professionalism
        • Business Grammar Essentials
        • Business Writing Essentials
        • Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
        • Delivering Successful Presentations
        • Effective Business Meetings
        •  Effective Listening Skills
        • Effective Use of Feedback for Business
        •  Email Essentials
        • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
        • Getting Results Without Authority
        •  International Communications
        • Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business
        • Managing and Working with Difficult People
        •  Negotiating to Win: Getting the Results You Want
        • Telephone Skills for Business Professionals
        • How to Write an Effective Internal Business Case
      Consulting Skills Curriculum
        • Consulting with the External Client
        • Consulting with the Internal Client
        • Internal Consulting for the Technical Professional
      Customer Service Curriculum
        • Managing a Customer-focused Department
        • Frontline Call Center Skills
        •  How to Excel at Customer Service
        • Inbound Call Center Management
        • Internal Customer Service
        • Internal Customer Service Agent Skills
        • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations
        • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
        • Technical Support Agent Survival Skills
        • HDI - Customer Support Specialist, Professionalism
      e-Learning Curriculum
        •  e-Learning Foundations
      Finance and Accounting Curriculum
        •  Accounting 101
        •  Accounting 102
        • Advanced Business Finance
        •  Auditing: A Practical Approach
        • Finance Fundamentals for Non-financial Professionals
        •  Managerial Accounting
        • Practical Budgeting Skills for Business
        • Using Financial Statements (co-Developed with Wharton)
       Foundation Skills Curriculum
        • Basic Business Math Skills
      Human Resources Curriculum
        • Behavioral Interviewing
        • Effective Hiring and Interviewing Skills
        •  HRCI/PHR Certification Program
        • Managing Diversity
        • Recruiting & Retention Strategies for the Tight Labor Market
        • Sexual Harassment
        • HRCI/SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resource)
      Industry Foundations Curriculum
        •  Industry Overviews
      Knowledge Management Curriculum
        • Achieving Measurable Performance Impact from Training
        • Knowledge Management Fundamentals
        • The 21st Century Learning Curve
       Leadership Curriculum
        • Business Execution
        • Going from Management to Leadership
        • Leadership Skills for Women
        • Leading from the Front Line
        • Leading the Workforce Generations
        • Succession Planning for the Business Environment
      Management Curriculum
        • 360-degree Performance Appraisal
        •  Coach with Confidence
        • Delegation Skills
        • Essential Skills for Tomorrow's Managers
        • How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace
        • Managing Contractors and Temporary Employees
        •  Managing Problem Performance
        • Managing Technical Professionals
        • Mentoring Essentials
        • Moving from Technical Professional to Management
        • Moving into a Management Role
        • Performance Appraisal
        • Supporting Employees through the Change Process
        • The Fundamentals of Business Crises Management
        • The Successful Facilitator
        • Effectively Managing Top Performers
      Marketing Curriculum
        • Competitive Marketing Strategies
        • Online Branding Strategy
        • Product Management Essentials
        • Strategic Brand Management
        • Strategic Marketing in Action
      Operations Curriculum
        • ISO 9000:2000 Overview
        • Lean Manufacturing
        • Logistics Management
        •  Managing Customer-Driven Process Improvement
      •  Six Sigma: Green Belt: Foundations
        • Six Sigma: Green Belt: Team Implementation
        • Six Sigma: Black Belt: Deployment
        • Six Sigma: Black Belt: The Define Phase
        • Six Sigma: Black Belt: The Measurement Phase
        • Six Sigma: Black Belt: The Analyze Phase
        • Six Sigma: Black Belt: The Improve Phase
        • Six Sigma: Black Belt: The Control Phase
        • Supply Chain Management
        • Personal Development Curriculum
        • Achieving Organizational Excellence Through Critical Thinking
        • Business Professionalism
        • Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
        • Dealing with Organizational Change
        • Ethics in Business
        • Fast-tracking Your Career
        • Living a Balanced Life
        • Problem-solving and Decision-making for Business
        • Working More Effectively - Taking Control of Your Time
        • Working without a Net - The Business of Risk
      Project Management Curriculum
        •  Project Management Essentials
          (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
        • Project Integration Management
          (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
        • Project Scope Management
          (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
        • Project Time Management
           (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
        • Project Cost Management
          (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
        • Project Quality Management
           (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
        •  Project Human Resources Management
          (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
 • Project Communications Management
    (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
 •  Project Risk Management
   (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
 • Project Procurement Management
    (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition-aligned)
 •  Project Management for IT Professionals
 • Project Management Professional Responsibility
 • Strategic Project Management for IT Projects
Sales Curriculum
 • Territorial Account Sales Skills
 •  Field Sales Skills
 •  Inside Sales Skills
 •  Sales Management
 •  SalesUniversity Communication 101
 •  Sales University Sales Manufacturing: A Success Model
 • Sales University Sales Math 101: Developing a Sales Plan for Success
 • SalesUniversity Sales Orientation: Professional Selling in the
    Knowledge Economy
 • Selling at the Executive Level
 • Strategic Account Sales Skills
Strategic Planning Curriculum
 • How to Write a Business Case
 • Strategic IT Planning
 • Strategic Management
 • Systems Thinking in the 21st Century
 • The Fundamentals of Globalization
Team Building Curriculum
 • Creating High-performance On-site and Virtual Teams
 •  Making Teams Work: Capitalizing on Conflict
 • Participating in Teams
IT End-User Curricula
       Adobe Acrobat 5
      Desktop Best Practices
       ECDL/ICDL 4
       Home and Personal
      IBM Lotus Sametime 3.0 and QuickPlace 3.0
       Lotus Notes R6 End-User
       Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
      Microsoft Office XP
       Microsoft Office 2003
      Microsoft Office 2000
      Microsoft Project 2002
       Microsoft Visio 2000
       Microsoft Windows XP for End Users
       Netscape 6
       Netscape 6.2
      Seagate Crystal Reports
IT Professional Curricula
       Enterprise Database Systems Solution Area
       Internet and Network Technologies Solution Area
       Operating Systems and Server Technologies Solution Area
       Software Development Solution Area
      Web Design Solution Area
       VB.NET KnowledgeCenter
       C# KnowledgeCenter
      Leadership KnowledgeCenter
       Project Management KnowledgeCenter
       Management KnowledgeCenter
Express Guide View
Test Prep View
Certification View
      American Society for Quality (ASQ)
      Check Point
       European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Limited
       Human Resource Certification Institute
       Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB)
       Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
       Project Management Institute (PMI)
      Sun Microsystems
Legal Compliance Curricula
       HR Series
       Harassment Series
       HIPAA Series
Workplace Compliance Curricula
      Administrative Simplification Under HIPAA
      Workplace Issue Fundamentals
Financial Services Industry Curricula
       Customer Service in the Financial Services Industry
      Financial Services for New Account Representatives
      Retail Banking Essentials
      Security Issues for Financial Institutions
Environmental, Safety and Health, and Transportation Curricula
       Environmental, Safety & Health, and Transportation
Federal Government Curricula
       Federal Government Curricula
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