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    HR Out of the Box  
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     HR Out of the Box    
    What does HR Out of the Box do?  

You have built the operating, marketing, and financial systems to drive your business. is your platform for developing your human systems. This web site is designed to help you manage your business and your people.

Hiring and managing your people can take a lot of time and energy. These human resource systems are created to increase productivity, better engage employees in the business, create individualized learning opportunities, and involve everyone in making the business just a little bit better.

We can show you how to:

    Write a job description that makes sense,  
    Conduct a really good interview,  
    Use testing to select good people,  
    Orient a new hire to your company,  
    Train them to do the job right for your customers,  
    Put together a good employee manual,  
    Conduct a performance discussion,  
    Turn managers into leaders,  
    Make customer service a special advantage for your business,  
    Develop reward systems that truly motivate people,  
    What it takes to build a great team, and  
    Improve communictions throughout your organiztion.  

Job Descriptions written by industry experts, customized to the way you do business and available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

     Your HR Solutions  
    What does Your HR Solutions do?  
    1). Provide Human Resource and Personnel advice and services to help small and medium size businesses compete more effectively in their marketplace. Organizing the business for success — today and in the future.  
         • Building a Selection system to identify the right people for the job; Creating the Orientation process to be sure that they can do their job right;           Helping you manage the Assimilation of that person into your team; and Working with you to build the programs to Retain your best people - a           human resource system called S.O.A.R.,  
         • Building the team building and customer service skills, behaviors, and systems that allow your business and people to grow,  
         • Building a pay structure to keep your best ,  
         • Handling difficult personnel issues efficiently so that you can get back to running the business,  
         • Developing a management team that can L.E.A.D. the company and your business into  the future,  
         • If you want your employees to S.O.A.R., then management needs to L.E.A.D.  
    2). Provide the Business Planning services that positions the organization to succeed strategically.  
        • Building a business plan to grow the company profitably,  
        • Creating a business continuation program to protect the assets of the business and your family.  
    3). And then linking these two critical areas with an integrated process that works. You will find that efficiencies and reduced costs will
    come from tying together human resource concepts and business systems in a way that makes sense. That is a key difference we can     provide for you.
     Profiles International  
    What does Profiles International do?  

Profiles International provides modern testing and assessment of individuals for pre-hire placement and selection, post-hire development and coaching, succession planning and job matching.

Too often the decisions that impact the people in your organization are made based on too little information. Applicants for positions in the company are judged based on interviews that are more like guessing games. Many times the track record shows there is a one in seven chance that you picked the right person for the job. Your current employees are not being developed with the skills and behaviors you need to really grow the business. Wouldn't you like to be able to make those types of decisions with more confidence and less risk?

21st Century Assessment testing gives the modern organization access to tools that provide a 75 - 85% confidence that you can understand the basic capacities of the individual being tested, their work styles, and compatibility to work within a team. It can look at how people think, their interests, and their primary behavioral tendencies. These tests can determine the person's approach to customer service. It can show you the integrity, work ethic, and reliability of the people you are hoping to hire.

Profiles International is the finest company in the United States today providing the reliable assessment tools and information you need to make better human resource decisions for your business. Register today at for more information — then contact us and we will show you how this can lower turnover and improve productivity.

     Your Retail Resources  
    What does Your Retail Resources do?  

Your Retail Resources provides to independent retailers the services they need to succeed in today's competitive market place. These services are provided to chain supermarket stores by their central headquarters. Suppliers to independent grocers often provide a limited assortment of these retail services, but never the complete array of services the retailer needs.

We have done the research and found the best sources to supply these vital services for your organization.

We have a full array of services in Human Resources, Business Planning, Family Business Consulting, Marketing Services, Store Development, Financial Services, and Insurance Services.

    What does Connexts do?  
    Corporate Communications:  
    Employee Communication,  
    Training and Motivation,  
    Electronic Newsletters,  
    Issues Management,  
    Community Relations,  
    Sales and Motivational Videos, and  
    Computer-Based Training.  

Multi-media productions that motivate, inform and entertain are the hallmark of our production team. For more than 25 years we have been supporting marketing, corporate communications, and training objectives with a wide range of services, including: award-winning productions, electronic presentations, and interactive media. 

We have produced hundreds of corporate meetings and events, films and video programs, and provided expert communications consultation to small and mid-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. The industries we serve range from manufacturing and retailing, to financial services, transportation and trade organizations.

Responsiveness, creativity, and the ability to maximize the message cost effectively are qualities our clients value most. With Connexts, you will always receive the time, attention and professional judgment you need to reach your strategic objectives.

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